How to use


1. Connect the multi-function disinfection cabinet to a power outlet.

2. Click to dry, the machine starts to heat up, after about 45 minutes, the disinfection

is over and the machine automatically shuts down.

3. You can click UV sterilization as needed, turn on the UV light, and the UV light starts

to work. After about 10 minutes, the disinfection is over and the machine automatically

shuts down.

4. You can also choose UV and drying according to your needs. At the same time, the

automatic mode can be: hot air drying for 25 minutes, cold air cooling for 5 minutes,

UV lamp sterilization for 10 minutes, hot air drying for 10 minutes, machine

completion Automatic shutdown after a sterilization cycle.

 Safety Instructions

1. The applied power should match the rated power of the device itself.

2. Children are not allowed to operate this product for safety reasons.

3. Place the device on a flat, level, and sturdy surface.

4. If you want to disinfect the wet towel, make sure that the wet towel does not drip.

If it is water droplets, wring it out and put it in the device.

5. Remember to dry the backwater inside the equipment regularly. Remember to

disconnect the power before doing this.

6. Remove the disinfectant from the device with tweezers instead of bare hands.

7. Never use any corrosive detergent to clean the equipment and its iron frame.

8. Do not open or close the appliance door with force.

9. Keep the equipment away from flammable and explosive materials. Make sure the

distance between the device and the surrounding material is at least 30 cm.

10. To protect your eyes, do not stare directly at the UV lamp while you work.

11. Always ensure that the equipment door is closed when it is working

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