How to use

Using steps:

1) Plug in and turn on the power, circumrotate the adjustment to the highest temperature, the pilot lamp lights and the wax warmer works.

2) Fix the temperature needed (generally 50℃--60℃)after the wax totally melt. Brush some wax on wrist to feel the temperature of wax fit or not before using.

3) Circumrotate the adjustment contradictorily until you hear a slight sound to turn off the warmer, then plug out.


It takes about 120 minutes for plastic inner warmer to melt the wax, and 60 minutes for aluminium inner warmer. The time can be affect by the amount of wax.

Function steps: 

1. Unpack the paraffin wax and smash them into small pieces to fill into the inner.

2. Then take off the accouterment, such as rings and bangles.

3. Clean and dry your hands.

4. Rubdown and scrap horniness on hands thoroughly.

5. Apply armguard cream and massage to help your hands absorb.

6. Put your hands and wrists into the wax. Do not curve your fingers.

7. Put your hand into the wax again when there is no more wax dripping, repeat 5 times. 

8. Then put on plastic bags and cotton mittens to keep wax warm.

9. Take off cotton mittens after 10 minutes, and doff the plastic bags and wax from wrist to fingers.

10. Apply armguard cream and massage to help your hands absorb again.

11. Follow the same function steps to tend your feet 


  1. You must feel the temperature of wax on the wrist before using.

  2. Do not use on the injured skin.

  3. Do not use on skin with whelk.

  4. Do not pour the wax when it is melting, please cool the wax first, then turn on the power to melt the bottom of wax and pour the whole wax.

  5.  Please wait at least 1 minute before turn on again.

  6.  Do use the same voltage as marked on the warmer.

  7. Please turn on again when the warmer is not work.

Elements Introduce:

Paraffin would make the skin velvet and soft, especially for the dry skin moisten, the effect in winter is salience. The method in use is easy, the products has a good reputation by beautician all over the world, either in domestic consumer. It is different from other treatment, your customer dip in the professional wax, the skin will become velvet and soft at once.

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