How to use

Using steps: 

1. Place the product on a stable aclinic table. 

2. Open the lid and put quartz sands into the tank, no more than 80% volume of tank. 

3. Connect to power, and then turn on the switch, digital heating light will turn red and the  

product begins to heat quartz sands. 

4. After heating 10--12 minutes when the light turns off, insert tools need disinfection (such 

as: scissors, razors, and so on) into quartz sands vertically. Press the switch, heating light turn red, after 13 Second it will hint automatically. 

5. Heat the tools for 13 seconds, then put on adiabatic gloves and take out the sterilized tools. 

6. When temperature of tank reaches 250℃, heating light will be automatically extinguished   

and the product stop heating. And the product will be automatically heating when the temperature is lower, heating light will turn red again.

Product maintenances: 

1. Please clean the product with alcohol cotton regularly, never use industrial solvent cleaning products or sandpapers.

2. The product should be always placed in dry places. 

3. Please take to professionals for examining and repairing when the product has any malfunction.



1. Do not plug on before identifying the voltages of product and electrical source are congruent.

2. Ensure that the power supply is with good grounding. 

3. Place the product on a stable aclinic table. 

4. Do not let children touch the product when working. 

5. Never use the product when there is no quartz sand in the tank.

6. No touching the fuselage with bare hands, avoiding any scalds.

7. Keep quartz sands filling no more than 80% volume of tank, in order to prevent overflow when inserting tools into quartz sands.

8. After disinfecting, it is necessary to turn off the power switch and wear gloves before take the tools out. 

9. Please turn off the power switch when finish using. Remember to plug out if don’t use of the product in a short time.

10. Cleaning should be done after the product is plugged out and cool down.

11. Never clean the product by water or other liquids directly.

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